Life is Complex

There are more atoms in a single human eye than there are stars in the universe.  Think about that.  The sheer enormity of our universe is mind blowing, but what’s even more impressive is the minute complexity.

The universe is infinitely large and infinitely small.  If you keep cutting an item in half, theoretically, you should never run out.  The smallest aspects of our universe, relative to all material, are by far the most important and complex.  Take a star, one of the most common large-masses in our universe, it is made up of basically two things, hydrogen and helium.  That’s it.  Hydrogen and helium are the two lightest elements in the universe, they are just gas.

Now, take an eyeball.  See where I’m going with this?  The eye-ball is made up of 30 major components, comprised of billions of atoms.  This is only one organ in the human body.  The point is, throughout the entire universe, life is always the most complex.

Eye-diagram no circles border.svg


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