Spring Must Wait

A foot of snow and heavy winds are set to hammer the East-Coast.  This will be the 4th nor’ Easter in 3 weeks to hit the Mid-Atlantic.  As of now, about 75 million people are under winter weather advisories.  It’s obvious Spring is right around the corner, the only question now is, is this normal?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, nor’ Easters are most likely to occur between September and April.  Nor’ Easters get their name from the direction they move as a storm.  A nor’ Easter is created when an existing low-pressure system moves across the country from west to east and then spawns a new storm off the east coast, normally between the Carolinas and New Jersey.  The eye of the nor’ Easter stays in the Atlantic while the storm walls brush up against the East-Coast and travel North.

Don’t worry though, seasons are a wonderful thing.  They keep us on our toes.  It’s nice for our bodies to readjust to different climates throughout the year.  If you do live in a no-season zone, normally close-to or far-away from the equator, your body will become complacent and stale.  If you are always surrounded by warm, or always surrounded by cold, your body has no reason to know how to handle both, so it doesn’t.  This, in-turn, leaves you vulnerable to any temperature you are not used-to.  Talk about limiting your options.

So, is this normal?  Absolutely.  If your body is used-to a 4-season-year, your immune system is used-to a 4-season-year.  You are completely able to handle all climates thrown your way, especially the late-arrivals.  All you need to do is enjoy the seasons, your body will do the rest.



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