It’s Official

Exploration is a critical aspect of humanity.  From around the world, through history, and now into-outer-space, exploration consistently remains paramount.  We need it.  We just do.  Humans are wonderful, nothing pleases us more than a little well-mannered frivolity.  It might sound strange to compare exploration with light-heartedness, but it is actually necessary.  In early history, exploration was basically dependent on survival.  It was necessary for us to explore new lands in order to survive.  As time went on we grew as a species.  Now, Post 2nd Millennia A.D., exploration is just as important as ever.

Houston, we have a solution.

NASA, The National Aeronautics & Space Administration, along with 6 other private companies, will launch humans into space in the near future.  They are as follows:

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)  Company: SpaceX  Spaceship Name: Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket  Founder(s): Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal  Backing: $100 million of Musk personal fortune, $20 million more from outside investors  Location: Hawthorne, California  Launched the Business:  2002.

Orbital Sciences  Company: Orbital Sciences  Spaceship Name: Cygnus and Taurus 2 rocket  Founder(s): David W. Thompson, Bruce W. Ferguson, Scott L. Webster  Backing: Publicly traded company, $1.1 billion in revenue  Location: Dulles, Virginia  Launched the Business: 1982.

Bigelow Aerospace  Company: Bigelow Aerospace  Spaceship Name: Sundancer and BA-330  Founder(s): Robert Bigelow  Backing: $180 million of his personal fortune as owner of the Budget Suites of America hotel chain.  Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada  Launched the Business: 1999.

SpaceDev/Sierra Nevada Corp.  Company: SpaceDev  Spaceship Name: Dream Chaser  Founder: Jim Benson (deceased), now led by Fatih Ozmen  Backing: Sierra Nevada Corp., of Sparks, Nev.  Location: Poway, Calif.  Launched the Business: 1997.

Blue Origin  Company: Blue Origin  Spaceship Name: New Shepard  Founder(s): Jeff Bezos  Backing: His personal fortune as founder of  Location: Kent, Washington  Launched the Business: 2004.

Virgin Galactic  Company: Virgin Galactic  Spaceship Name: SpaceShipTwo  Founder(s): British Billionaire Sir Richard Branson  Backing: His personal fortune as founder of Virgin Group  Location: London, England, and Spaceport, New Mexico  Launched the Business: 2004.

Things are looking up!



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