Running Out?

Our planet’s surface is 71% water, 29% land.  For some reason it is hard for people to perceive the concept of large-open-spaces, sea or land.  Normally, the brain triggers claustrophobia when asked about the future.  It’s weird, you got to get past it though.

Ok, so you have overcome claustrophobia, that’s great!  Now we can really start to understand the concept of space.  The earth’s surface is 71% water, 29% land.  We really only mine resources on our land, with the exception of some deep-sea-oil-rigs.  That 29% of our surface is a challenging amount of space to perceive.  In order for us to understand the real amount of space and resources we have on our planet, we must be able to perceive the other 71%, the ocean.

Talk about vast, our oceans are our life line.  Running out?  I don’t think so.  The ocean holds approximately 97% of all our water.  We haven’t even touched it.  We have only dabbled in the easy 3% of fresh water.  Before we build a Walmart on Mars, we should figure out how to affordably be able to convert salt water to fresh water.  Then, the vastness of the ocean will be irresistible.  The world will never run out of water.  The world will never run out of phosphorus or potassium.  The ocean is constantly stockpiling large amounts of both.  We are always using  phosphate-rock and potash-fertilizers to grow food and animals, this results in an endless amount of phosphorus and potassium runoff.  Basically, we will never stop growing animals or food, so their runoff is infinite.  The world will never run out of gold.  There are millions of pounds of it in the ocean called gold-ions.  The process of collecting gold-ions from the ocean is already in use today.  The process is called electrolysis.  The only problem with electrolysis is that the technology is very expensive.  I guess it’s a good thing gold will always be more expensive than money.  The world will never run out of oil and gas.  The ocean floor is laden with oil and gas.  We have only tapped the easy-to-access deposits.

Running out?  More like diving in!


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