That’s Not It

It is common-place for people to feel like they have it all figured out.  They think about how well they do all day, at whatever it is they do.  Then they think about how well they do all night, at whatever it is they do.  This can get dangerous.

Your perceived self is very different than what is actually seen of you by others.  You should stick to what you know like peanut butter.  But if you are fat, unhealthy, and can’t properly take-care of yourself, you obviously shouldn’t be cooking for others.

You are always a product of your environment.  I’d rather be oatmeal than foie-gras.  Oatmeal is better than no-meal.  Stay humble, healthy, and happy.  The true definition of a hero is one who can do ordinary things in extraordinary situations.  Sometimes it’s as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.


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