Bottled Water is Better

It’s 2018, time to wake up people.  Things are so much simpler than we think.  You better be drinking water.  If you don’t know this by now in your life, God bless-you.  Bottled water is special.  Did you know that half of the world’s hospital beds would be empty if only they had access to safe drinking water.

Water in America is gross, I call it Pipe-Water.  It’s no different than that of the Roman Viaduct System from two thousand years ago.  The water does a lot of sitting and moving in open environments.  Time can solve nine out of ten problems you have always.

This is one of those times.  The longer the water sits in the pipes the grosser it gets.  Think about all those gross little pipes.  Big pipes by the filtration department, thinner pipes to go threw your city, then thinner pipes to go to your house, and then even thinner pipes to go up into your fridge.  Finally, the water gets pushed through that gross little plastic yellow nozzle and into your cup.  Think about all those little inorganic particles coming from the thousands of little pipes that your water has been through.

Now for Bottled Water…  The water goes through a purification plant, it is bottled, then sealed.  Life’s a sport, grab one and go!


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