Vaping is 100% Better Than Smoking

Let’s start by examining the statement, that makes it easier to understand.  When a human-being smokes a cigarette they physically need to inhale for the smoke to be created, that is smoking.

When a human-being vapes, there is no smoking involved.  The battery-powered device creates the “smoke” for you.  The device actually vaporizes its material, it doesn’t smoke it.  Then in turn, you are vaping vape.  Not smoking smoke.  Vaporization is quite amazing.

What is happening is vegetable-glycerin-syrup is being vaporized, and fast.  The syrup is filled in the user’s tank, smothering a small piece of cotton.  The cotton is wrapped with a little metal coil.  The coil is then attached to the battery.  Then the user just pushes the button on the device.  The health factor really comes down to where the combustion takes place.


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